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How parents can help their child with autism be successful in school?

Mother and Child with Autism studying for school.
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Autism awareness is a topic that many parents and educators are trying to understand better. There is a lot of confusion around what autism is and how it can affect children in the classroom. It is important to understand how to accommodate these students while they are in a school setting.

How Children With Autism Behave in the Classroom

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s development and is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States. People with autism may have social, communication, or behavioral difficulties. Autism will manifest itself differently in each child but has been generalized into 3 levels of autism: Requiring Support, Requiring Substantial Support, and Requiring Very Substantial Support. 

Although the 3 levels describe the severity of some behaviors and the required support, it is important to see some of the common characteristics of autism that a child may display in a classroom setting including:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Little interest in teachers or other children
  • Delayed speech and communication
  • Upset by even minor changes in routine
  • Excessive interest in an item
  • Using objects in a repetitive manner
  • Repetitive speech that is not directed to another person
  • Episodes of inappropriate behavior in an attempt to self-soothe

How Can Parents Help

Educators and specialists strive to help young children succeed in the classroom. Still, as a parent or caregiver, you are your child’s closest supporter. At Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting, we believe in patient and family-centered care. You will become a member of your child’s support team alongside our health care providers and technicians. Having a member of the family participating in parent training can give your child assurance and comfort throughout their educational journey.

The Solstice Parent Training Program

We at Solstice understand that parenting does not come with a guide. Autism adds to the parenting uncertainty and can leave most parents looking for assistance. The Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting Parent Training Program is the solution to many questions we have received from parents and guardians. The core goal of parent training is to help you understand the needs of your child. You will learn different approaches and strategies to help your child process the difficulties and grow from the learning experience. These approaches are your “tool kit” of proven methods to help your child.

Parent Training Skills

  • Solutions for Day-To-Day Concerns: Methods to address social interactions inside and outside the home, including communication issues.
  • Management of Challenging Behavior: Tools to help you manage and avoid inappropriate behavior and reinforce positive behaviors like communication and processing.
  • Enhance Coping Skills: It’s essential to know how to address situations that aren’t a standard part of your child’s routine. We will train you in some methods that have shown great promise in our clinic and with other parents and caregivers during difficult episodes.
  • Developing Communication Skills: You will learn verbal and nonverbal communication skills that you and your child will appreciate and share with each other.
  • Cultivate Play Skills: Encouraging healthy play with others is possible using the tools we provide as part of our program.
  • Boost Independence: Our program provides important strategies and tips for helping your child develop self-sufficiency and life skills.

Your child is counting on you for support. Developing a healthy and supportive relationship is essential in the treatment process. The Parent Training Program will show you how to redirect your and your child’s energies and attention to dealing with a problem. The “tool kit’ strategies are not magical solutions that will solve all problems, but they can make it easier for you and your child to get through those difficulties together. Find out more about Parent Training and how the experts at Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting can help you and your child succeed.

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