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Raising a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be challenging for everyone involved. Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting provides Individual and Family therapy for those with ASD and their families. These therapy sessions help build roadways of communication between family members by providing new tools and practices of understanding. These tools will help overcome some of the challenging aspects of autism and related disorders. Solstice BHC also provides support for family members struggling to manage their experiences. With over 20 years of experience providing compassionate care to the children and families of Fairfield County, we understand that individual and family therapy can be the building blocks of a loving and successful life with ASD.

How Individual and Family Therapy Can Help

Families who have members with autism or related disorders often benefit from seeking therapeutic support as soon as possible. If you suspect a member of your family is struggling with one of these conditions, early treatment is essential. Those who receive early intervention often show enhanced development and a reduction in symptoms. This is why it’s essential to start seeking help at the first signs, even if you haven’t received an official diagnosis yet. Some signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder include:

Signs that may be visible within their first year:

  • Failure to respond to their name
  • Isolation behaviors, a preferencing for individual play
  • Difficulty sharing or communicating with others
  • Avoidance of eye or physical contact
  • Attempting to comfort when upset escalates them
  • Difficulty understanding emotions, including their own)

Some communication difficulties showed by children with ASD:

  • Delayed speech and language skills
  • Flat, robotic speech patterns
  • Repeating phrases (echolalia)
  • Problems with pronouns (says “you” instead of “I”)
  • Doesn’t use typical gestures like waving and pointing
  • Difficulty answering questions and staying on topic
  • Poor recognition of joking or sarcasm

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Other behaviors you may notice include sensitivity to touch, sounds, lights, and object fixation. Impulsiveness, constant movement, and repetitive motions are other signs that appear in some children. Even as you’re seeking a diagnosis from a professional, it’s important to begin therapy immediately to get the best results.

It’s common for children with ASD to struggle with emotional situations. They can be prone to aggressive outbursts, anger, stress, and anxiety when in certain environments. As your child ages, they may experience more difficulty with situations like these. Starting therapy as early as possible ensures that your children, and your family, are equipped to help them thrive.

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We’re always looking for new families in need of the help that we can provide. Parental involvement is essential to these therapy sessions being a success. During them, you will learn how to identify your child’s triggers, important behavioral concepts, and how their environment can promote challenging behavior. As they continue, you and your family will learn how to improve communication and coping skills when these behaviors arise and reduce how often they occur. We want to help ensure that your child feels comfortable in the communities they engage with. The social and life skills they’ll learn as part of our program will help them manage their own behaviors and emotions. Call us today to schedule an introductory session to start getting your child and family the help they need.

We Believe That Early Diagnosis & Intervention Is Key.