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Sunrise Center for Early Learners

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Announcing the Opening of Sunrise Center for Early Learners!

We are excited to introduce our new addition to the Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting treatment-oriented learning environments. Our team has specially designed the center to be a place for all children to learn through play, participate in sensory-based activities, and succeed with individualized therapy.

Featuring learning centers with sustainable and eco-friendly furniture, imaginative play centers, a custom-designed rock wall, a STEM lab, collaborative stations, a sensory table, and so much more. Our goal is to provide modern and proven solutions and techniques to all of our current and future patients and their families. 

We serve Fairfield County and surrounding areas and will begin accepting new patients starting September 2022. To inquire about enrolling your child in our full-day or half-day program contact our office at (203) 900-4720.

Sunrise Center for Early Learners provides one-on-one individualized instruction with the aid of our team of specialized ABA experts. We provide a natural learning environment that helps our early learners develop essential readiness skills. These skills help prepare them for integration into their community and educational settings. Children from toddlers to preschool-age children will be immersed in our half or full-day programming. The environment and systems we use were designed by a team specializing in autism.

Introducing The Sunrise Center for Early Learners

The Sunrise Center for Early Learners has worked hard to design a unique learning environment to meet the child and family’s needs. Training for parents and caregivers is available via telehealth, in-person, or within the community to make it truly accessible. Our experts will support and guide the family in making transitions to preschool and kindergarten successful. We also collaborate with related service providers to smooth the carry-over of learned skills and treatment.

Our setting provides:

  • 1:1 learning environment
  • Routine and structure
  • Small group learning opportunities
  • Individualized instruction
  • Family-centered approach
  • Collaboration with community providers

The Solstice team consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) that are licensed in the state of Connecticut. These clinicians work alongside Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) to implement their techniques in a naturalistic setting. This helps optimize the availability of learning opportunities and the generalization of skills. Our team partners with families to promote learning across all settings.

Throughout our facility can be found materials that encourage children to learn and engage with their environment. This is accomplished by providing age-appropriate toys and equipment that stimulate learning.

Reach Out To The Sunrise Center for Early Learners

We provide three convenient schedules to meet the needs of both parent and learner. The available schedules for attending the Sunrise Center are:

We provide three scheduling options for participants in our program:

  • Full-Day: 9am – 3pm
  • Morning: 9am -12pm
  • Afternoon: 12pm – 3pm

It’s essential that you begin helping your child develop essential life skills as early as possible. Getting engaged with programs like ours ensures your child will have the necessary tools to aid their integration into school, their community, and social situations. You can find us off Rt. 8, I95 Connector, and Rt. 15 in the Scinto towers just 5 minutes from Sikorsky. Our team is Spanish-speaking and takes a multi-disciplinary approach. Call us today to receive a tour of our facilities, meet our staff, and schedule an assessment.

We Believe That Early Diagnosis & Intervention Is Key.