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Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

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Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting brings 20 years of experience in the field of autism to our Autism Diagnostic Evaluations. We use a team-based mindset that allows our experts to develop individualized treatment plans. These plans are focused on achieving the best outcome possible for the child and their family. Take the first step to provide the best chance of early diagnosis and intervention by evaluating your child for the first signs and symptoms of autism.

Autism Diagnostic Evaluations at Solstice Behavioral Health

We value the importance of getting the answers a family needs to obtain the treatment a child requires, given their individualized needs. We understand that the assessment phase requires attention to detail as it will contribute to treatment planning. Our clinical team conducts the evaluation over a few visits and confirms whether or not your child meets the criteria for an autism diagnosis. The diagnostic evaluation will provide recommendations that will provide a road map for the family and school team.

Some early signs of ASD that we look for include:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Little interest in caretakers or other children
  • Limited demonstration of language (fewerwords than peers, or difficulty using words)
  • Upset by even minor changes in routine

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Catching indications of ASD in children through the monitoring process provides many benefits to the ASD child. Those who reach a diagnosis early get better access to the support and services they need to help them achieve their full potential. This process involves several steps, including:

  • Developmental Monitoring – By observing your child over time, we can track changes and developmental milestones. We track their learning, playing, behavior, speaking, and moving development. This is a group effort involving the caregivers, early childhood providers, parents, grandparents, and other figures in the child’s life that can help with developmental monitoring. If you notice that your child is missing developmental milestones, contact our office.
  • Developmental Screening – This is a close inspection of your child’s development. We will have you complete a questionnaire regarding your child, or we will provide the child with a brief test. These formal questionnaires ask about emotional, behavioral, cognitive, linguistic, and movement-based development.
  • Comprehensive Developmental Evaluation – When a point of concern has been identified, it may be time for a formal developmental evaluation. This is an in-depth inspection of your child’s development performed by the specialists at our office. During this process, your child may be observed and/or given structured tasks. Important figures in your child’s life may be asked questions or given questionnaires to fill out.

These steps give us valuable insight into the developmental growth of your child and can help identify symptoms of autism in your child.

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Getting an early evaluation of your child for autism is an important part of making sure they can thrive. When identified early, children with autism are able to take advantage of support systems and services that can give them the tools they need to thrive. Contact Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting to get started today!

We Believe That Early Diagnosis & Intervention Is Key.