Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be difficult to diagnose. Unlike other conditions, there is no medical test, like a blood test, to confirm the disorder. Instead, the specialists at Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting will consider the child’s developmental history and early signs and symptoms to make a diagnosis. It is imperative that your child […]

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism)?

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Solstice Behavioral Health and Consulting is a team of experts and a community of support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD, commonly referred to as Autism, is a group of complex disorders characterized by difficulties with social interaction, communication, and behavior. ASD is a neurodevelopmental condition that delays the development of basic skills […]

Ridgeview Farm Site

In partnership with Ridgeview Farm, Solstice Behavioral Health and Consulting has created a site within our community to give access to the learning environment in a friendly, safe, and understanding environment. In a collaborative effort, clients, parents, coaches, and the Ridgeview staff will identify learning opportunities that highlight the strengths of each child and provide […]

School Consultation

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High-Quality, Compassionate, & Individualized Care Contact Solstice Today Solstice Behavioral Health knows the importance of creating environments that are accessible and supportive of our children’s needs. We work to achieve this goal by providing support systems and educational opportunities for educators, parents, and school staff. Our School Consultation program provides various assessments, reviews, evaluations, and […]

Employee Engagement and Education

As part of our community outreach initiative, the Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting team of experts offers opportunities to organizations in Fairfield County and surrounding areas. The Employee Engagement & Education program provides customized on-site and telehealth training and education to employees who have a child with a special need. Our program offerings include: Parent […]

Individual and Family Therapy

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Raising a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be challenging for everyone involved. Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting provides Individual and Family therapy for those with ASD and their families. These therapy sessions help build roadways of communication between family members by providing new tools and practices of understanding. These tools will help overcome […]

Parent Training

Parent training

What is Parent Training? At Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting, we believe in patient and family-centered care. You will become a member of your child’s support team alongside our health care providers and technicians. Having a member of the family nearby can give your child assurance and comfort about the program. You will also learn […]


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How can telehealth help? Telehealth has made receiving care and resources accessible to families from the comfort of their homes. Solstice Behavioral Health & Consulting strives to provide ABA therapy services and autism parent training & education to Fairfield County and surrounding communities. If you or a loved one has difficulty participating in in-person sessions […]